Czech beer glossary

Czech beer’s good. The lingo might be a bit special for anyone so here’s a few tips and word n stuff.

The beer is measured in degrees plato, so you instead of having a 5% beer, you might have a 12° beer. Read all about it here if you want, but a good rule of thumb is to subtract two from the plato scale and then divide by two. It’s not accurate, but it sort of works.

Beery words

Tmavý -dark
Svetlý – light
Polotmavý – medium dark
Ležák – premium beer
Pšeničné – wheat beer
Medový – beer with honey
Višňový – beer with cherries

Two bars in Brno

U Richarda 2

Údolní 7, Brno, Czech Republic.
Mon-Sat 11-23, Sun 11-22

U Richarda Brew Pub has been open in Brno for a wee while now, but as it’s out in the sticks and I’ve only been to Brno once before, I’ve never managed to visit. All is not lost now as there’s a second branch on the edge of the city centre (probably only 5 mins from Pegas brewpub.

Although catering to drinkers, U Richarda 2 does seem quite food based – in fact they call themselves a ‘Restaurace’ so it would have seemed rude not to have taken advantage of the current special offer of 500g of spicy pork ribs, bread and a Czech salad / garnish for 149CZK- about a fiver. Oh – with two beers too!

From what I understand, the beers are brewed out in the brew pub in the suburbs and sold there in the bar. I tried all they had to offer , these being
Světlý ležák 12°
Tmavý ležák 12°
Višňový ležák 12° – a cherry beer
Pivni Special 12°
Pšeničné 11° – a wheat beer
Medový speciál 15° – a dark beer laced with honey.

A nice, modern bar, good food and good beer!



Jakubská 4, Brno, Czech Republic.

There’s not really a lot to say about Pegas – if you’ve been to Brno and like a beer, the chances are you’ve been to Pegas. Pretty much bog standard German / Czech beer hall type place with lots of wood, hops on the ceiling and fag smoke. The beer’s good though!

Whilst there, the Christmas beer was available – ‘Vánoční’ – a 15° beer that the barman said was just a mix of two of the standard beers. Still, if you blend two very good beers, you’re bound to still end up with a good beer!