The grand pop rip off

Now, this blog was supposed to be about beer and food. This post however, is a whinge about a soft drinks.

The other night in a Doncaster pub, I wanted a drink of lemonade. I was served with R Whites, out of a 2l bottle and it cost £1.25 for a half pint glass.

More recently, I had some draught R Whites, and this was £2.50 for a pint.

I realise pubs have overheads, but £2.50 per pint???

According to, the beverage is 80p per 2l bottle at Tesco and Asda, and 97p in Sainsburys. Allowing for ice, I was probably served 275ml, which works out at 11p. Being charged £1.25 works out more that 1000% markup!!!

I’ve not shopped around, but using Google, the first people to show R Whites lemonade postmix (, allowing 1 part postmix to 6 parts water, 500ml of drink to the customer works out about the same price as the bottle.

Yes, ice, glass washing, gas and staff costs all cost money, but this is an absolute rip off and doing nothing towards supporting those who don’t really want to drink for various reasons – health, driving etc. Beer is cheaper!

Oh, and don’t get me started on the pub that charged a pound for a pint of soda water…